Why we need your donations

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Being a supporter of Wessex Cancer Trust you hopefully will already be aware of a lot of the work that we do and how important it is.

You might have had first-hand experience of our services because you have had cancer and have needed counselling and emotional support.

You might have had first-hand experience of our services as a family member of someone that is battling cancer. You may have found that aromatherapy has really helped you to relax and given you that little bit of time to get your head around all that is going on.

Or you might be a supporter because a close friend of yours accessed our holiday homes and you saw how important this was to them. Or the neighbour’s child got tickets to watch the saints whilst receiving treatment at the Piam Brown Children’s Oncology ward.

You might also be a supporter because someone close to you has battled cancer and they were unable to find the support that they needed. You know that services similar to those offered by Wessex Cancer Trust would have helped your loved one a great deal.

Whatever your personal reason is for supporting Wessex Cancer Trust we know that we can’t provide our services without you.

We strongly rely on financial support from you, our supporters. And although asking for help can be tough for us all, we also recognise that we as a charity need to ask for help at times.

Could you help us with a donation?

£10 per month would enable us to make a grant to someone battling cancer.

The average patient grant that we give is just £120. This might not sound like a lot of money but these grants are a real life line for people. They help to fund additional heating bills as people battling cancer often find themselves at home more than they used to be. They fund parking and fuel costs as regular trips to the hospital quickly add up.

Even small grants can make a big difference to people's lives.

Even small grants can make a big difference to people’s lives.

One story that particularly highlights the importance of these grants was for a lady that needed £112 towards stair lift rental so that she could spend her final months in her own home rather than in a hospital setting. After she passed away her husband came to see us and told us what a difference it had made and how his wife was able to die how she wanted to. They were both so touched and grateful that they wrote us into their wills.

Currently we have many more requests for our financial grants than we can afford to support and have seen this demand steadily rise through the economic crisis. In the first quarter of this year we gave out 47 grants but we need to give out more.

£10 per month would enable us to make a grant to someone battling cancer.”

Here at Wessex Cancer Trust we aim to be the most supportive and effective cancer charity there is. We know that there are many other great cancer charities but we believe in aiming high. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver this and the feedback that we receive from those that access our services backs this up.

We are so grateful for this money. We seem to slip through the net for any other kind of financial help so can’t thank you enough! It has helped so much.”

“Thank you so much for this grant. It has helped enormously towards my travel expenses during my cancer treatment. I am most grateful.”

“Thanks for your help in this difficult time it is so much appreciated.”

Please help us to provide more support like this and make a donation. All donations are very welcome however small or large.

Thank you for your supporting Wessex Cancer Trust.

One-Off Donation

Making a one-off donation to Wessex Cancer Trust is easy. You can click on the ‘Donate Now’ button above and follow the steps, ring us on 023 8067 2200 to make a card donation or pop a cheque in the post to Wessex Cancer Trust, Bellis House, 11 Westwood Road, Southampton. Hampshire.SO17 1DL.

Text to Donate

You can make a donation of up to £25 via text message. Text: TWCT30 £5/£10/£25 to 70070 now. eg TWCT30 £5

Regular Giving

Donating regularly on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis is one of the very best ways in which you can support the Trust. By giving a small amount on a regular basis, you allow us to plan for the future with confidence.

You can set up a direct debit online through the fundraising site JustGiving by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button.

Alternatively you can download a giving form by downloading it here