There are many simple ways you can support Wessex Cancer Trust, not just through fundraising! Every little helps!

Please send your donations to: Wessex Cancer Trust, Bellis House, 11 Westwood Road, Southampton SO17 1DL.


Stamps are such an easy way of helping the Trust raise money! Simply tear off your used stamps and pop them into the office. We then send them off and receive some money for them! You can also post the stamps to us in an envelope.

Old Coins

Raid that dusty old piggy bank on the mantlepiece, dig deep behind the sofa and shake up those old purses in the big hunt for old coins. If you would like to donate your old coins to the Wessex Cancer Trust we are then able to help cancer patients across the region. However we are unable to take euros. So any old holiday coins you have lying around or old coins that are no longer in use, they can now help the Trust!

Mobile Phones

Send your old mobile in to us and we can receive up to £30 or more. But don’t forget we can also take broken, faulty and locked phones too! Whatever the age or state of the mobile, please hand it in to one of our shops or pop it in the post to us.

Unwanted Banknotes

We now collect old and new unwanted banknotes from any country such as Irish Punt, Deutschemarks, Guilders, French Francs, Pesetas, Dollars and Euros. Some of these notes may be worthless to you, however, we are able to convert these into essential funds.

Plastic Bottle Tops

Ever wondered what to do with all those plastic milk bottle tops after you’ve recycled the bottle? Well now you can send them in to us! We’re able to recycle these and raise vital funds to help us continue to help cancer patients. For more information please contact us on 023 8067 2200 or email wct@wessexcancer.org