Wessex Cancer Trust operates throughout the Wessex area delivering local cancer care. We are opening a number of new local cancer care centres to deliver support to people that have been diagnosed with cancer and their families.

What is unique about Wessex Cancer Trust is that our local cancer care centres are based away from hospitals so that our patients and their families can feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible whilst continuing their fight with cancer.

Local cancer care does not have to be a post code lottery!

At Wessex Cancer Trust we understand the heartache that people diagnosed with cancer can go through when they find that they are unable to access local cancer care in their area.

That is why we are committed to opening more support centres across the Wessex region opening doors to cancer support.

Please click on the links for your area to find out about local cancer care services, shops and volunteer opportunities near to you.

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Wessex Cancer Trust Charity Shop

Wessex Cancer Trust Charity Shop