Jersey (CI)

The Jersey Cancer Trust is the sister charity of the Wessex Cancer Trust. Jersey Cancer Trust is committed to improving the lives of Islanders living with, or being treated for Cancer.  During the course of any one year, there are around 300 islanders diagnosed with cancer who experience the benefits of the services we provide on a daily basis.

Currently Jersey Cancer Care provision consists of  patient grants provided to individuals to help them with the increased living costs that cancer can leave them. On top of this we aim to improve the cancer services currently being offered at the General Hospital. Over the course of 2013, the existing cancer unit is being moved to a newly refurbished location within the Hospital which necessitates a considerable capital investment by Health and Social Services.  Given this ideal opportunity to upgrade the services currently available, it has been agreed with Hospital management that The Jersey Cancer Trust will provide upgraded equipment and decoration for the new cancer unit, which in turn will make it much more bearable for those receiving treatment.

Some people on Jersey will need to travel to access specialist treatment. These patients often come to Southampton for cancer treatment and many stay in the Jury’s Inn. We help to fund these stays through our patient grants. When on the main land the Jersey patients also have access to the Daisy Link minibus which we fund, our counselling and complementary therapies, use of the holiday homes and get our patient folder and leaflets.

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